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Do You Know the Reasons Why Nephritis is Hard to be Cured

Provided by Expert Zhang Youkang on 2016-10-13 11:11

Reasons for Nephritis,Hard to Treat,Chinese MedicineDo you know the reasons why Nephritis is Hard to be Cured? Nephritis is one of the common diseases, the incidence is about 2.8% ~ 5%, and has the tendency of growth.Many of them make originally simple illness became more complex, because of their misunderstanding of nephritis, so that delayed treatment or aggravating illness. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What are the wrong treatments and thinking for nephritis?

1. Think nephritis can not be treated.In fact, nephritis can not only be treated, but also can be cured or under control mostly.

2. Avoid salt intake.Folklore nephritis patients to avoid salt one hundred days, in fact, this have no scientific reason.

3. Think that eating animals kidney can restore kidney.Although animals actually renal protein content is higher, but unfavorable edible, because of its content of high cholesterol, purine, the burden will add to the kidney, cause adverse consequences.

4. Kidney disease patients do not want to drink more water to increase the burden on kidneys.In fact, discharge metabolites waste every day in the human body rely on urine.If the urine volume is not enough, it will cause the accumulation of waste in the body, worsen kidney damage.

5. The abuse of antibiotics.Some patients treat the nephritis and general inflammatory diseases in the same way, commonly to use the antibiotic treatment.In fact, the two disease have distinction in nature,so the treatment should be different.

6. Have blind faith in folk prescription. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of circumstances:

1. It is handed down from previous experience.

2. It is to treat the symptoms, rather than cure the disease.

3. Some even counterfeit drugs.

So for nephritis patients, should be to consider the treatment after diagnosis nature and degree of the illness clearly.

Effective treatment should treat symptoms and root reason at the same time, then suitable Chinese medicine treatment and Western medicine treatment are needed together.

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