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What Are The Right Nursing Of Nephrotic Syndrome In Children

Provided by Expert Zhang Youkang on 2018-08-20 14:32

Nephrotic Syndrome In Children,Right Nursing,Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic Syndrome is caused by a variety of reasons, so it is very harmful to the human body, especially for children, with the rising incidence of children with nephrotic syndrome in recent years, so that many parents attach great importance to the importance of care for the disease, to prevent the adverse effects for children.

1. Sodium salt intake: edema should be into a low-salt diet, in order to avoid aggravating edema, the daily salt content is not more than 2 G is appropriate, banning salted food, less MSG and alkali, edema subsidence, plasma protein close to normal, can be restored to normal diet.

2. Protein Intake: In nephrotic syndrome, a large number of plasma proteins are excreted from the urine, the body proteins are reduced and in the state of protein malnutrition. Hypoproteinemia reduces the plasma colloid osmotic pressure, causing edema stubborn, and the body's resistance also declines.

Before kidney failure that high quality protein diet (1-1.5g/kg*d) should be given, such as fish and meat. This helps to alleviate hypoproteinemia and consequent complications.

3. Fat Intake: Patients with nephrotic syndrome often have hyperlipidemia, which can cause atherosclerosis and glomerular damage, sclerosis, and so on. Therefore, animal viscera, fat, certain seafood and other foods rich in cholesterol and fat should be restricted.

4. Supplement of Trace Elements: Due to the increased permeability of the glomerular basement membrane in patients with nephrotic syndrome, in addition to a large number of protein loss in urine, but also loss of protein-bound trace elements and hormones, resulting in the lack of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other elements, should be given appropriate supplements. Generally can eat vitamins and trace elements rich vegetables, fruits, cereals, seafood and other supplements.

Of course, only taking diet can not treat nephrotic syndrome. In China, more and more children of nephrotic syndrome take Chinese medicine, which can repair diseased cells and tissues for improving kidney functions. All the complications can be relieved in 10-15 days with chinese herbal medicines, so that children can have a healthy growth.

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