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What Should We Pay Attention To In Nephrotic Syndrome

Provided by Expert Zhang Youkang on 2018-10-21 16:02

Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic Syndrome is characterized by massive proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, high edema and hyperlipidemia. Timely treatment is of paramount importance to patients, and at the same time, to do that nursing work, nephropathy experts to introduce tight syndrome daily care.

1. Pay attention to rest.

Some patients must rest in bed, some patients can rest generally. Patients with moderate or more edema, naked eye hematuria or oliguria, daily urine volume below 400 ml, or serious complications of bedridden rest.

Eyelid facial edema should be slightly higher pillow; severe edema should often change position; pleural effusion should be semi-recumbent; scrotal edema should be lifted scrotum. Of course, bed rest is not indefinite, long-term bed rest is not conducive to the recovery of the disease, when the symptoms and signs of patients to alleviate or disappear, can be appropriate activities.

After the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, if the disease is stable, you can take part in relaxed exercise, according to their own conditions and physical conditions, choose suitable exercise methods, such as walking, playing Taijiquan, Qigong and so on. The amount of exercise, the length of time should depend on the situation of each person, generally do not feel tired is appropriate. Otherwise, the disease will aggravate or deteriorate rapidly.

2. Pay attention to hygiene.

Because of the retention of urea nitrogen and other metabolites in the body, the patients with nephrotic syndrome are apt to cause oral ulcer by stimulating oral mucosa. It is necessary to strengthen hygienic care, gargle frequently with normal saline, keep the indoor air fresh, and reduce accompanying staff.

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