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How to Manage Cyst Hemorrhage for PKD Patients

2013-10-23 10:27

How to Manage Cyst Hemorrhage for PKD Patients  If PKD patients complain of horrible kidney pain and hematuria, it is more likely to indicate cyst hemorrhage. Rarely, cysts can dissolve the bleeding by themselves. However, in most cases, cyst hemorrhage can’t disappear spontaneously. Well, how to manage cyst hemorrhage for PKD patients?

Learn about the cause of cyst hemorrhage that should be the first step

PKD is characterized by a lot of cysts growing in two kidneys, or sometimes one kidney. As time goes on, some of these cysts grow bigger and bigger, because cystic lining epithelial cells secrete fluid gradually. In this case, any knock on kidney area may cause kidney rupture. Then, cyst hemorrhage happens accordingly.

When can cyst hemorrhage dissolve by themselves?

It depends on the size, location and character of cysts. The ultrasound shows your cyst ruptures but you don’t have any symptom, or your back pain and hematuria occurs suddenly but disappear naturally. Both of these cases mean your cyst hemorrhage can be managed by themselves. If can’t, you should take some measures to deal with it.

Treatment for cyst hemorrhage in PKD

When cyst ruptures, sac fluid will spread to various organs and systems that causes infection easily. Thereby, if you happen to suffer from this problem, you should firstly control your infection. In this case, drinking some cranberry juice and enough water is helpful. If necessary, some antibiotics should be used. As for which antibiotic is helpful and safe for you, it must depend on your specific condition.

Then, remedies to prevent recurrent cyst hemorrhage should be taken such as:

-Avoid strenuous exercise

- Don’t do stretching or bending action

- Try not to wear leggings

- Don’t wear too high heels

- Drink some juice such as cranberry juice and celery juice

Finally, treatment to shrink PKD cysts is inevitable. Only if all of PKD renal cysts can be kept in small size, can patients’ kidney function be protected and cyst hemorrhage be avoided completely.

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