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Purpura Kidney Disease and Immunotherapy

2012-10-22 17:00

Purpura Kidney Disease, also known as Purpura Nephritis, is caused by Henoch-Schnlein Purpura (HSP)—a kind of immune disorder. This is why immunotherapy is suggested for Purpura Nephritis.

HSP is autoimmune disease and it stimulates immunity for excessive inflammatory response. The result will be producing massive immune complexes. Generally, these immune complexes can be excreted out by kidneys, however when the quantity is huge, these immune complex will deposit in kidneys.

If now patient checks the immune complex level in blood, it is usually very high. These deposited immune complexes are considered as strangers (antigen) and they will attract inflammatory factor concentration in kidneys and lead to excessive inflammatory response in kidneys. Inflammatory response in kidneys is the contributor to continuous kidney function decline.

Corresponding treatment is named as Immunotherapy, that works from rectifying immune system. I will explain here step by step.

HSP indicates disorder in immunity, but have you made clear whether the disorder exist in cellular immunity (T cells) or Humoral immunity (B cells)? The first step is accurate diagnosis.

It is believed that patients have been taking many medicines to suppress the immunity. The effect of exact diagnosis is to find the right medicine that can target the disordered cells, instead of suppressing the whole immunity, for it makes you even more prone to infection. Infection is fatal for person with kidney disease.

As long as there is Circulating immune complex in blood, more immune complex will deposit in kidneys. The third step is to clean or purify blood, not only getting rid of these immune complexes, but also inflammatory factor like IL-6 and so on.

Next step would be gradually degrading these deposited immune complexes in kidney, degrading proliferated cells and extracellular matrix and so on. All these factors work together to restore the good environment within kidneys, which is the basis of damaged cells getting self-repaired.

The last step is protecting, and this is why we have the following up department to follow and guide each patient's recovery after discharge from hospital. In short, a fully recover requires close cooperation between patient and the doctor.

During the whole process, not one or two specific treatments that took effect, but the combination of many treatment methods.

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