Diabetes is hard to manage. You can get a comprehensive understanding of the disease here and get the information about the latest treatments and get professional advices. read more

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a brand-new therapy based on traditional Chinese herbal medicines dating back thousands of years ago. It combines the essences of herbal medicines read more

Hormonal therapy is commonly used to treat Kidney Disease in clinic. It refers to use one or more than one hormone medicines to suppress the over-reactive immune reaction read more

Patients are suggested to treat kidney disease first before they get pregnant read more

If you are diagnosed with Kidney Disease, you should talk to your doctor about starting an exercise read more

Foods and Drinks play an important role in Kidney Disease patients read more

Kidney Disease News and Events read more

In every week, a famous experienced renal medicine specialist will be invited to help diagnose and evaluate inpatient's disease condition, offering detailed therapeutic schedule. read more

Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Basics

People with Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) can refer to the basics to know about the definition, stages and causes.

Why Cold Will Cause Chronic Kidney Disease And How To Treat

Cold is the most common disease in life. Everyone has had a cold experience, but do you know that a cold can also cause Kidney Disease? When there are different degrees of edema in the legs and eyes af...read more

Causes of Swollen Kidney

Kidneys can filter blood and remove wastes from blood. However, in some cases, the kidneys may become swollen.What are the causes of swollen kidney? Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) Polycystic kidney di...read more

Prognosis of CKD Secondary to Lupus Nephritis

CKD refers to progressive loss of renal function. It is a common long-term complication of lupus nephritis. What is the prognosis of CKD secondary to lupus nephritis?...read more

Can Kidney Shrinkage in Stage 4 Kidney Disease Be Reversed

In stage 4 kidney disease, kidneys are impaired significantly. Kidney shrinkage is a common sign at this stage. Can kidney shrinkage in stage 4 kidney disease be reversed?...read more

How to Improve Low Hemoglobin with Kidney Disease

Hemoglobin is one common blood test for kidney disease patients. As diseased kidneys cant produce enough EPO, hemoglobin (Hb) levels reduce gradually that is one sign of renal anemia. To improve low he...read more

Can Reflexology Increase Kidney Function

More and more patients turn to natural remedes with few side effects. Reflexology, like cupping therapy, acupuncture, moxibustion etc, is such a natural remedy. It can treat a wide variety of medical c...read more

Can High Uric Acid Cause Decreased Kidney Function

Uric acid is the terminal metabolites of purine compounds. When too much uric acid is produced or the kidneys fail to excrete a sufficient amount of uric acid, a buildup can occur, resulting in high ur...read more

Right Kidney Atrophy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Right kidney atrophy, also known as atrophic right kidney, describes as right kidney is relatively or obviously shrunk in size, excluding the normal range. Generally, kidney atrophy happens along with ...read more

Bilateral Renal Parenchymal Disease Causes,Symptoms,Diet

Renal parenchymal disease can affect on or both of the kidneys,but it occurs more commonly in both of kidneys called bilateral renal parenchymal disease.As the tissues in both of kidneys are scarred an...read more

Stage 1-2 CKD: Symptoms, Treatments and Diet

Chronic kidney disease (CKD), also called chronic renal disease, progresses slowly. According to glomerular filtration rate, CKD is divided into five stages. In stage 1-2 CKD, patients still have high ...read more

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