Diabetes is hard to manage. You can get a comprehensive understanding of the disease here and get the information about the latest treatments and get professional advices. read more

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a brand-new therapy based on traditional Chinese herbal medicines dating back thousands of years ago. It combines the essences of herbal medicines read more

Hormonal therapy is commonly used to treat Kidney Disease in clinic. It refers to use one or more than one hormone medicines to suppress the over-reactive immune reaction read more

Patients are suggested to treat kidney disease first before they get pregnant read more

If you are diagnosed with Kidney Disease, you should talk to your doctor about starting an exercise read more

Foods and Drinks play an important role in Kidney Disease patients read more

Kidney Disease News and Events read more

In every week, a famous experienced renal medicine specialist will be invited to help diagnose and evaluate inpatient's disease condition, offering detailed therapeutic schedule. read more

Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) Knowledge

Individuals with FSGS can have a comprehensive knowledge of their disease with the help of knowledge, which includes prognosis, prevention, etc.

How Long Survive for FSGS Patients with 20% Kidney Function

“How long Survive for FSGS patients with 20% Kidney Function? There are patients want to know about this question.”People with this disorder have developed into CKD Stage 4 with severe decrease of ...read more

Why Immune System and Blood Circulation Affect FSGS

FSGS is one kidney disorder with scarring developing in kidneys. It is one common cause of Nephrotic Syndrome for children and young adults. According to kidney experts, FSGS has a link with immune sys...read more

Can Small Children Outgrow FSGS Kidney Disease

FSGS is a cause of Nephrotic Syndrome in children and adolescents. When small children are diagnosed with FSGS, their parents may worry about whether they can outgrow FSGS or not. Though FSGS is incura...read more

Is FSGS Hereditary

FSGS, or focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, may eventually progress into kidney failure. As a result, most patients have to do dialysis. Then, they must want to ask: Is FSGS hereditary? can FSGS be fa...read more

Life Span of FSGS with Dialysis

What is predictable life span of FSGS with dialysis? The answer is concerned by all the patients in this situation. However, as the situation is very complex, it is not possible to give you an accurate...read more

Had FSGS, Kidney Transplant Failed, on Dialysis, Life Expectancy

In FSGS,once kidney transplant failed, the patients have to return to dialysis again. Then what is the life expectancy of the patients on dialysis whose kidney transplant failed?...read more

Can FSGS and Cyclophosphamide Cause Infertility

Cyclophosphamide is effective in controlling the associated symptoms and relapse of FSGS. But FSGS and long-term use of cyclophosphamide may cause infertility....read more

Prevent the Progression of FSGS to Kidney Failure

FSGS patients should receive systematic treatment early in order to pevent the disease from progressing to Kidney Failure....read more

How Long can People Live with Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis

Individuals with FSGS always want to know what their life expectancy is. In fact, many factors can affect the answer....read more

Will FSGS Kidney Disease Cause Infertility

Once diagnosed with FSGS kidney disease, most patients may wonder whether the disease will lead to infertility. Here, let's find an answer to this most concerned question. ...read more

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