Diabetes is hard to manage. You can get a comprehensive understanding of the disease here and get the information about the latest treatments and get professional advices. read more

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a brand-new therapy based on traditional Chinese herbal medicines dating back thousands of years ago. It combines the essences of herbal medicines read more

Hormonal therapy is commonly used to treat Kidney Disease in clinic. It refers to use one or more than one hormone medicines to suppress the over-reactive immune reaction read more

Patients are suggested to treat kidney disease first before they get pregnant read more

If you are diagnosed with Kidney Disease, you should talk to your doctor about starting an exercise read more

Foods and Drinks play an important role in Kidney Disease patients read more

Kidney Disease News and Events read more

In every week, a famous experienced renal medicine specialist will be invited to help diagnose and evaluate inpatient's disease condition, offering detailed therapeutic schedule. read more

Kidney Failure (Renal Failure) Knowledge

A wide range of common knowledge about Renal Failure is provided . It can help you get an overall and scientific understanding of the disease.

What Are the Differences Between CKD and Kidney Failure

Some patients are diagnosed with the CKD , and the doctors tell them should prevent the Kidney Failure . So they fell confused, what are the differences between CKD and kidney failure? You can ask our ...read more

Is That Okay for Kidney Failure Patient to Stop Dialysis Suddenly

To be honest, consider about the life health of patients, kidney failure patients are not recommended to stop dialysis suddenly, otherwise, the patient may suffer more pain. That not means they have no...read more

Is There Any Relationship Between Kidney Disease and Heart Disease

Is there any relationship between Kidney Disease and Heart Disease? There is a common truth that kidney is not good, the heart follow involvement. It is according to the clinical studies, but still hav...read more

Is There Any Difference Between Kidney Disease and Stage 4 Kidney Failure for Patients

Is There Any Difference Between Kidney Disease and Stage 4 Kidney Failure for Patients Is there any difference between Kidney Disease and Stage 4 Kidney Failure for patients? Generally, we called al...read more

What Are the Process of Kidney Failure with High Creatinine Level

Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD ) is a long and usually slow process where the kidneys slowly lose function. When the kidneys function at 15% or less, this is called kidney Failure. And when kidneys fail,...read more

Kidney Failure Patients May Have Kidney Transplant Rejection

“Good morning, doctor. My son was a kidney failure patient and had a kidney transplant 5 moths ago, but now he has high protein level 2400. Is that a dangerous sign? ...read more

What Are the Kidney Failure and its Related Knowledge

Kidneys are the organs that help filter waste products from the blood. They are also involved in regulating blood pressure, electrolyte balance, and red blood cell production in the body. kidney failur...read more

Is There Any of Your Hospital Branch in India for Kidney Failure

There many patients ask this question and want to know more about the details of the unique treatments and this Hospital. Here the article can help take better care of yourself and choose a more suitab...read more

How Long Will Creatinine 4.7 Patients Worsen Kidney Failure

High creatinine is an important indicator of renal function that commonly shows the reduced renal function. Creatinine 4.7 is not a optimistic condition in which patient’s kidney disease has worsen S...read more

Influence of Urinary Tract Infection in Kidney Failure

For most of Kidney Failure patients,it is also necessary to take aggressive treatments to solve the problems and delay the exacerbation of renal damage. ...read more

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